Resource Assessments Summary

As described in the State Water Plan, the water resource assessments are one of the foundational building blocks for regional water planning. The assessments include compilation and analysis of data and modeling to evaluate the capacity of water resources to meet current and future demands for water supply and wastewater discharge without unreasonable impacts.

Georgia Environmental Protection Division, with the assistance of other state agencies, the University System of Georgia and other research institutions, the U.S. Geological Survey and contractors has conducted water resource assessments to determine Surface Water Availability, Groundwater Availability, and Surface Water Quality (Assimilative Capacity).

In January and February 2010, assessments using current conditions for water use and wastewater discharge were provided to the regional water planning councils as a starting point for the development of recommended Regional Water Plans.

Synopses of the current-conditions Water Resource Assessments were posted for public review and comment in March 2010. An addendum to the Synopsis Report for the Current Assimilative Capacity Assessment, which summarizes water quality modeling for the Chattahoochee and Flint River basins, was added for public review and comment in April 2011.

March 2010 Water Resource Assessments Available for Review and Comment

April 2011 Addendum to Water Quality Assessment

EPD has compiled a summary of comments received to date and provided responses to those comments.

Response to Comments on Draft Resource Assessments

The comments addressed in the response document have been compiled and are available here.

Councils have also been working with assessments using forecasted demand for water supply and wastewater discharge. Results of these future assessments have been incorporated in the draft recommended regional water plans and were subjected to public review and comment when the draft plans were released for public comment. The future assessments are also documented in the supplemental materials that have been produced in association with each draft recommended regional water plan.

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