Agricultural Water Use


Executive Summary

Irrigated Withdrawals by WPR and Counties

Irrigated Withdrawals by Local Drainage Areas

Ad hoc Water Use Reports for special sectors of the agriculture industry

Farm Animal Water Use in Georgia

Golf Course Water Use in Georgia

Nursery & Greenhouse Water Use in Georgia

Draft forecasts of water use for agricultural irrigation include forecasts of agriculture
irrigation water use for the planning period by county and region. For each county, the
forecasts list the acres irrigated by crop, and also show irrigation water use under dry,
medium, and wet climate conditions. The draft forecasts also indicate whether the source is
surface water or groundwater.

Input on the draft forecasts of water use for agricultural irrigation was incorporated into the
development of these draft forecasts in 2009, and the draft forecasts have been available on since prior to Council Meeting 3. Comments included the
request to include non-permitted agricultural uses such as plant nurseries and specialty
crops in the irrigation water forecasts. These uses are currently being incorporated into the
draft Agricultural Forecasts and will be ready for Council use in early 2010.

Current water uses for non-permitted agriculture uses, such as golf course irrigation and
livestock production, is being compiled for Council use, but forecasting of the future water
needs is not being performed for this first round of regional water planning due to the lack of
available data.

Forecasts of water use for agricultural irrigation were developed by the University of
Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, under contract to Georgia

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