April 2011 addendum

In March 2010, EPD released a synopsis of each of the three current-conditions water resource assessments for public review and comment: groundwater availability, surface water availability and surface water quality (assimilative capacity). In April 2011, an addendum to the synopsis of the surface water quality assessment was also posted for public review and comment. The addendum, found here, provides a basic description and summary of results for water quality modeling in the Chattahoochee and Flint River basins (some water quality modeling in these two basins was completed on a different schedule due to funding source). The addendum's appendices can be found here.

EPD is continuing to take comments on the synopses of the March 2010 resource assessments (including the April 2011 addendum to the surface water quality assessment). Comments may be submitted via mail or fax to:

Arnettia Murphy

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Environmental Protection Division

2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Suite 1152, East Tower

Atlanta, GA 30334

404-651-5778 FAX

404-656-4157 PHONE

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