Chattahoochee river basin Joint Meeting: February 1, 2010

The State Water Plan charges EPD with "ensuring coordination of water planning across the boundaries of adjoining water planning regions."  The State Water Plan emphasizes the importance of coordination among councils for water resources that are hydrologically connected or those affected by water management activities in adjacent planning regions. Furthermore, Section 1D of the Regional Water Planning Councils’ Memoranda of Agreement, provides that the Councils are responsible for "coordinating with adjacent water planning councils and/or water planning councils that share resources." In order to meet these requirements, the Regional Water Planning Councils and EPD starting meeting jointly in January 2010.

On February 1, 2010, representatives of the Coosa-North Georgia, Lower Flint-Ochlockonee, Middle Chattahoochee, and Upper Flint Regional Water Planning Councils, as well as members of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District met in Columbus, Georgia to discuss shared resources. For more information on this meeting, please review the meeting materials below.

Public Notice


Presentations and Handouts

Meeting Summary

Coosa - North Georgia Middle Chattahoochee Metro North Georgia Savannah - Upper Ogeechee Upper Flint Middle Ocmulgee Upper Oconee Lower Flint - Ochlockonee Suwannee - Satilla Altamaha Coastal Georgia